Employee Profiles

Due to the nature of our business, our customers and business partners are located all over the world. Therefore, we felt it was important to take a minute and introduce each of our executive staff members so that our customers know exactly who they are working with, and the unique background of each individual member of our team.

Senior Staff


Morris Scott


Morris Scott has served as Chief Executive Officer for 20 years. He began in the technology industry in 1990 with Tech Support Services, (now Signature Technology Group, Inc.). He has served as a board member, advisor, and mentor for several non-profits and small businesses. He has been a resident of Arizona since 1960. He is an ardent proponent for reducing our carbon footprint. He enjoys cycling and traveling to out of the way places with his wife, two children, and friends.


David Diggs


David joined DMD System Recovery in 2016 as CEO. Prior to joining this great organization, David spent 16 years running global businesses for Honeywell within their Chemicals Division. Having led the development and launch of Honeywell’s environmentally friendly refrigerants for automobiles, homes, and grocery stores – DMD commitment to environmentally sustainable recycle/reuse of electronic equipment is continuation of those efforts to minimize the impact of technology on the environment. David holds an MBA from MIT and a degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University. When not at DMD, David is busy with his three children molding them into future productive members of society.


Zack O’Brien

Program Management

Zackary O’Brien is responsible for the online sales and extended support departments at DMD. He acts as liaison between QA, Technical and Purchasing personnel. Zackary has held several key IT support positions at organizations such as GoDaddy, Rev Mobile, Mojo Video, and other Internet companies before joining the team at DMD. Zackary’s background has been focused on finding technical solutions and streamlining processes to ensure the quality, reliability and scalability of support is met on a regular basis. He received his B.S. in Biosciences from Arizona State University. He loves travel, cycling, and is always looking for ways to give back to his community.


Thang Nguyen

Manager, Material Disposition

Thang is in charge of all downstream sales and marketing activities. He oversees multiple sales channels, maintains customer relationship, and develops sales and marketing strategies. Thang joined DMD and became an Arizona resident in 2015, Thang brought with him years of experience in the industry from the Midwest and his passion for waste reduction through recycling, reuse, and recovery. He likes sports and enjoys spending time with his family exploring AZ, his new home.


Erika Scott

Accounting & HR

Erika Scott is responsible for maintaining DMD’s diverse portfolio of certifications as well as managing human resources and accounting. She holds a B.A in Geography from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is a member of the American Institute of Public Bookkeepers. Over the years she has volunteered many hours with charitable organizations and community service. In her spare time she enjoys weaving, hiking, gardening, traveling, and most especially, spending time with her family and friends.


Pamela Lynch

Office Administration

Pamela Lynch is the Office Administrator and supports the team with overall business activities including general accounting tasks, customer and vendor support,order processing, invoicing, reporting, coordination of projects between departments, as well as assisting with R2 and ISO compliance.Pamela has a background in business management and operations, internet technologies, IT project coordination and the optical industry. She holds a BS in Information Systems Management from Western International University. Pamela enjoys spending time with family & friends and is an active fan and supporter of both her son’s progressive metal band and her daughter’s college tennis team. She also volunteers with a local animal rescue and enjoys tennis.


James McGlory


James is responsible for warehouse operations and equipment auditing. He verifies and keeps records of all incoming and outgoing equipment to ensure it meets standards and complies with R2 and ISO requirements. James functions as the company’s gatekeeper to ensure that all inbound and outbound shipments conform to processes and contracts. Growing up as a native of Arizona, he has always worked in team-oriented environment, whether it was working as a supervisor in the shipping and receiving department or as an Instructor of Martial Arts for youth and adults. In his spare time, James enjoys philanthropy, working out and training.