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Complete Responsibility

COMPLETE IT Asset Disposition Services. From Start to Finish.

DMD provides ITAD solutions adhering to the most rigorous environmental and security standards to deliver confidence for companies who value our world and their reputation. DMD works with hundreds of companies and public entities to securely destroy their data, decommission assets, and redeploy or remarket the equipment across IT categories including Data Center, End User Compute, and Mobility.  

For 25 years, DMD has taken complete responsibility for the outcomes we provide and the way we achieve these outcomes.

We are proudly certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) as NAID AAA and ensure that our data destruction process adheres to the NIST 800-88 guidelines. In order to minimize the social and environmental impacts of electronic waste recycling, we are certified for R2v3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Through a network of TSA-compliant logistics partners, we are able to remove IT-related equipment from any office, warehouse, or data center environment in the country.

25 years of growth and innovation

DMD Systems Recovery, Inc.

DMD has been saving the environment one IT asset at a time for over 25 years. Follow Morris Scott's journey.

  • 1996 - the Start
    Morris Scott founds DMD as a way to make a personal impact on the world we live in with a vision to reduce the amount of IT Assets going to our landfills, tainting our environment for the future.
  • 1996 - Innovation

    DMD creates initial revenue share program with Motorola. 

    DMD implements End of Life support program for the National Weather service providing critical spare and component support.

  • 2000 - National Scale
    Created a national, all category, IT Asset Disposal program for one of the largest financial institutions in America
  • 2012 - Formal Environmental Commitment

    DMD officially certifies as R2.

    Responsible Recycling, R2, is the leading standard for electronics repair and recycling and ensures a common set of processes, safety measures, and documentation.

  • 2016 - Off Grid and Secure

    DMD takes its production facility off the grid, utilizing solar power and backups.

    DMD becomes NAID AAA certified for onsite and offsite data destruction.

  • 2020 - Purpose and Scale

    DMD formalizes their commitment to purpose with profit achieving B Corps status.

    Completed a 160PetaByte Data Center, 50,000 disk erasure project.

    Deployed 8,000 individual boxes to residences in 23 unique countries to return laptops for secure data erasure and equipment repurposing.

And a word from our founder...


The DMD leadership team is experienced, skilled, & here to support you & our environment.

Aaron Zeper CEO

Aaron joins DMD with experience leading Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Service Delivery for Tech Data, Insight, and MDSL. Aaron loves being able to deliver IT services that benefit our clients & our environment.

When not at work Aaron spends time with his family, enjoying sports and outdoor activities.

Aaron Zeper CEO
Jon DeMent Vice President

Jon joined DMD in 2016 leading sales and logistics. He helps our clients develop, implement, and execute an IT asset retirement strategy. Jon has a decade of ITAD experience spanning Mobility to the Data Center.

When not at work is found playing baseball, basketball, or golf with his two sons. 

Jon DeMent Vice President
Bryan White Vice President of Operations

Bryan leads all DMD processing operations and service delivery. Bryan has 20 years of tech experience as a global operations leader with SAP, Insight, and Direct Alliance Corporation.

Bryan enjoys spending time with family and friends, college football, concerts, and any opportunity to travel.

Bryan White Vice President of Operations
Francisco Tejeda Operations Director

Francisco joins DMD with experience in reverse logistics and ITAD from Ingram Micro. Francisco oversees all aspects of DMD's ITAD process. His leadership ensures warehouse efficiency and productivity. 

In his free time, Francisco enjoys coaching a local soccer team and spending time with his family. 

Francisco Tejeda Operations Director
Alison Leslie HR & Compliance Manager

Alison joined DMD in 2019, bringing her expertise from the Social Work sector. Alison manages the Human Resources and Compliance departments, ensuring DMD adheres to all state and federal regulations.

Outside of work, Alison is often found at the ice rink, alongside her husband, cheering on their son during his hockey games.

Alison Leslie HR & Compliance Manager
Thang Nguyen Disposition Manager

Thang leads our remarketing activities, responsible for the strategy and execution of multiple sales channels and customer relationships. Thang Joined DMD in 2015, bringing years of ITAD experience and a passion for waste reduction.

He likes sports and enjoys spending time with his family exploring Arizona.

Thang Nguyen Disposition Manager
How we do things

The DMD Way

  • Purpose, Vision, Mission
  • Values

Purpose, Vision, Mission

  • Purpose: the difference we make in the world
    • DMD protects our environment, one IT Asset at a time.
  • Vision: how the world will look when we achieve our purpose
    • Our landfills shrink as the raw materials of digital technology are fully repurposed fueling the next generation of technology.
  • Mission: the core strategy we undertake to fulfill our purpose
    • DMD delivers IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions adhering to the most rigorous data security and environmental standards to convey confidence for companies who value their reputation and our world.


  • We Commit to Our:
    • Environment
    • Customers
    • Team
  • To Always Exhibit our DMD Values:
    • Accountability - we answer for our actions and decisions, but more importantly, for our outcomes and results.
    • Protection - we are guardians and caretakers to our environment, our customers, and our teammates.
    • Smart Decisions - we make the best choice given the available information, our experience, and judgment. And we make it quickly.
    • Integrity - we uphold our standards and commitments without exception.
IT Asset Disposition

Process and Standards

  • Quality, Environmental, Health, & Safety Policy
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Certifications
  • Organizations

DMD Systems QEHS Policy

DMD Systems Recovery is committed to providing asset disposal services of electronic equipment and other capital assets in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the community around us. 

  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to meeting our customer requirements. 
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to protecting the environment, including prevention of pollution and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems through responsible recycling 
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injury and ill health and control occupational health and safety risks using the hierarchy of controls to eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks. 
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to worker participation, and where they exist, workers’ representatives, in the decision-making processes in the QEHS management system. 
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to providing a framework for setting and reviewing quality, environmental, health and safety objectives. 
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to complying with all legal and other requirements relative to the environmental and health and safety aspects of our business and to fulfill its compliance obligations. 
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to manage used and end of life electronic equipment based on a reuse, recover, dispose hierarchy including onsite and downstream materials management throughout the recycling chain.  
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to manage Focus Materials throughout the recycling chain to final disposition with due diligence to protect our environment and health and safety. 
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to continual improvement achieved through monitoring of objectives and rigorous evaluation of our management system. 
  • DMD Systems Recovery is committed to communicating and reinforcing this policy throughout our company and those working on our behalf, as well as to our customers, our suppliers and to the public. 

Job Safety Analysis

Worker safety is one of the top concerns when decommissioning data center assets. DMD has developed a comprehensive system to ensure safe hardware removal from virtually any type of data center environment. This is complimented by our OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety certification, which requires documented procedures for worker safety.

For major decommissioning projects we construct a formal job safety analysis which each worker must understand and sign off on. The document outlines potential hazards and actions that must be taken to mitigate those hazards. 

Examples of hazards include:

  • Injury to hands and feet from sharp objects or pinch points
  • Injuries relating to the lifting of heavy objects
  • Slip, trip, or fall on raised floor tiles, ramps, or cables
  • Cabinets tipping over when being moved
  • Flying objects from dismantling hardware
  • Collisions from congested areas

Actions we take to mitigate these risks include:

  • Workers wear gloves, steel toes boots, and safety glasses
  • Lanes are created when heavy items are being moved
  • Multiple people are required to lift any device over 35 lbs
  • Signage is used to clearly identify any obstacles on the job site


R2v3 Certification
ISO-triple-certification-header-1 - Copy (5)

ISO-triple-certification-header-1 - Copy (6)


ISO-triple-certification-header-1 - Copy (7)




b corp



Responsible Recycling

The R2v3 certification is a commitment to ensuring the safe disposal of electronic waste both in terms of recycling and reuse. The program was developed by key industry stakeholders including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and leaders in the recycling industry.

For more information: SERI's R2v3


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2005 sets the criteria for a quality management system for ensuring consistent, high-quality products and services are delivered to all customers. 

For more information: ISO 9001 Standard 


ISO 14001:2004

ISO 14001:2004 sets the criteria for an environmental management system that ensures environmental impact is being measured and continually improved.

For more information: ISO 14001 Standard 


ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018 is an international occupational health and safety management system that provides the standards for minimizing employee risk, offers assurance to business partners, and demonstrates diligence.

For more information: ISO 45001 Standard 


National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA Certified:

NAID is an international trade association for organizations that provide data destruction services. AAA Certification demonstrates a firm’s commitment to best practices in the sanitization or physical destruction of electronic storage media.

For more information: NAID AAA


Certified B Corp:

Certified B Corporations achieve a minimum verified score on the B Impact Assessment - a rigorous assessment of a company's impact on its workers, customers, community, and the environment - and make it transparent on bcorporation.net. Certified B Corporations require their board of directors to balance profit and purpose.

For more information: B Corporation


International Secure Information Governance & Management Association is the trade association for secure information lifecycle management. NAID and PRISM are divisions of i-Sigma.

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible reuse, repair, and recycling of electronic products. 
SERI is the housing-body for the R2 Standard and works with a coalition of partners to raise awareness of electronics repair and recycling issues around the world.

B Lab
A non-profit organization that administers the B Corp Certification. The B Corp Certification assesses the overall positive impact of the company that stands behind it. This ensures third-party validation, public transparency, and legal accountability.

TERRA represents largest network Certified Recyclers in North America and is dedicated to eliminating hazardous e-waste from contaminating the air, land and water by diverting used electronics to the care of responsible e-waste recycling and ITAD service providers to maximize the sustainable reuse and recycling of natural resources.

The Association of Service and Computer Dealers and the North American Association of Telecom Dealers is a not for profit association of companies that buy, sell and service computer, telecom and other technical equipment and solutions. In 2012 the NATD merged in as well. Today we are known as the AscdiNatd.

Arizona Technology Council
The AZ Tech Council is the principal advocate for science- and technology-based companies in Arizona.
Through the collective strength of its members, the Council informs and educates policymakers on issues that are important to Arizona's technology sectors.


Working with Industry Leaders

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