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Inventory Management

Reduce risk. Know what assets you have. Where your IT equipment is. What's supposed to happen to it.  And it's current status.

Constant Visibility Equals Constant Assurance

Throughout the entire disposition process it is important to know what level of visibility you need to every piece of equipment.

For data-bearing devices tracking and confidence is critical. you need to ensure the right assets are scheduled for decommission, accounted for, and the data destroyed.

For devices without data, you may have less stringent requirements, but desire the confidence of environmental conformity.

  • Audit
  • Inventory Reconciliation

Audit for Security

Catalogue your current IT assets, an entire environment, or the composition of a Data Center

This service can be performed on-site for added security, or off-site for convenience.

We offer different levels of audit based on equipment type, age, future purpose, and your needs. They range from just capturing the make, model, and serial number; to cataloguing all the functional parts and component serial numbers (even ones you can't read with the human eye).

Compare for Comfort

Compare the audited environment with your current inventory tool or ITSM to identify gaps or differences. Throughout the disposition process we will provide checks and alert you with discrepancies.

This may happen multiple times for increased visibility and security. The more detail you provide prior to disposition, the more secure the entire process, and the greater alignment from expectation to execution.

IT Asset Management
Tracking your Assets - in Real-Time

DMD Portal for improved management

DMD provides our customers access to a self-service portal, which allows you to see the current disposition of any and every specific asset.

Our portal allows you to look up past Certificates of Destruction, environmental reporting, even export asset lists for remediation in your ITSM system. 

The DMD Way

Our Recommendation for Assurance

For optimal security and protection of your data and your customers' data, we recommend an onsite audit and reconciliation. We will capture the detail of all assets aggregated for data sanitization, compare it with your provided list, and deal with any discrepancies prior to the IT assets leaving the facility. If there is a mistake, a conflict, an inadvertent asset added, we correct the issue before we leave the controlled environment. A small price to pay for COMPLETE certainty.