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Augment your offerings and better serve your clients with ITAD services powered by DMD.
DMD can help

Partner Types We Work With

DMD helps IT Distributors, Resellers, VARs, OEMs, TEMs, agents, and the list goes on, with ITAD services for your customers. We can perform these services in a white-label, a "Powered By", as an outsourced vendor, or in a referral arrangement.

Bring complete solutions to your clients. Bring better solutions to your clients. Help them be responsible during a refresh. Add incremental lines of revenue. Eliminate the need for your customers to seek other providers - ones who may compete with you in your core business.

DMD works with you. 
On your behalf.

Distribution DMD has years of distribution experience and understands the unique position of a multi-tier sale. Accelerate new technology refreshes by making disposal easier and potentially offset partial costs of new hardware.
VARs & Resellers Expand your services capabilities. Bring disposal and refresh together. Avoid sending your clients to another provider. Take comfort in a company aligned with your interests.
OEMs Buyback, repair, refurbish, depot, and recalls. We partner with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to solve your problems or create the right program to assist your business.
TEMs & Agents We know mobility. Close the lifecycle loop responsibly and securely for your customers. We have TEM (Telecom Expense Management) and mobile-specific services scaled to the individual end-user.
Data Center & Colocation Facilities Provide your clients with turnkey services to de-install old equipment, securely eliminate data, or compliantly dispose of assets. Save your clients the trip.
Telecom Providers Whether you provide Data Center services, mobility services, or other IT services, we can enhance your offerings. Bundle end-of-life services as additional value for your clients.
Channel Solutions - The DMD Way

Secure, Predictable, & Compliant Outcomes

DMD provides you with completely outsourced ITAD solutions for you to extend to your clients.

We recommend you present the services as powered by DMD. However, you may white label or integrate our services into your solution. We find that most customers learn the service is outsourced, as we provide certificates of destruction, certificates of recycling, or you may want to leverage our certifications to demonstrate competency and compliance.

When you use DMD as your service provider, you can rest assured we will deliver outcomes. You, your clients, and your partners, receive guaranteed compliance to security standards, privacy, data erasure, environmental laws, and the list goes on.

We assist you every step of the way, from presales through quoting into delivery. We can help you integrate the service or create stand-alone programs.  

Our team has worked in your business, so we understand your customers, their needs, and your approach. We will tailor a solution with you.

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