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Value Recovery

Give your IT assets a second life, or a third, and share in the monetary value.

Maximize the Technology Lifecycle. Reuse and Repurpose.

Technology innovation continues to accelerate. Today's latest advance becomes yesterday's news too fast. We hold more processing power and storage in a handheld device than all the technology needed to send a man to the moon. Our IT assets can be repurposed in a variety of ways to provide a longer useful life and reduce the need to manufacture another device. 

Remarketing When an IT asset is current technology, we assist in securely eliminating any data and information so it can be reused by another customer. We often see companies with rapid refresh cycles or who drive value from bigger, better, faster, offset a portion of their refresh budget with this resale.
Refurbish & Resell IT assets with cosmetic damage or need some upgrades to memory or storage still have value and reuse capacity. We clean the device, repair or upgrade as necessary, and provide to another organization for whom this technology is appropriate.
Consignment Customers often have technology that was not deployed because plans changed or the OEM altered timelines. We will work on your behalf with our network of secondary market participants to sell your unused or barely used IT assets to recover value.
Employee Buyback

This program utilizes your corporate assets. We collect the IT equipment, remove the data, refurbish as necessary, then allow your employees to purchase the items for personal use. Additionally, we can use proprietary software to remotely remove the data, eliminating the need to even return the device.

Mobile Phone Impact

Environmental Fact

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Apple's iPhone 11 consumes an estimated 72kg of carbon emissions in its lifecycle. 79%, or over 59kg is generated during initial production.

Extend the lifecycle, reduce the environmental impact.

Value Recovery - the DMD Way

Returning Value to You & Our World


DMD works with companies throughout the vertical value chain. This means we work with clients who utilize only the latest, most powerful technology from Cloud environments to development workstations. We also work with many educational institutions whose technical requirements are a generation behind. And, we maintain relationships with companies who reuse the assets and components like Third Party Maintenance providers, refurbishment centers, and even manufacturers who reuse many components like microprocessors. 

Utilizing these long-standing relationships allows us find the most valuable next user of the IT asset. What that means to you is the maximum value is obtained, fueling the next wave of IT investment for you.


By placing your IT Assets in the next best user in the value chain many environmental benefits are conferred.

The greatest environmental cost in the life of an IT asset is the initial manufacturing of the product. It is estimated that it takes over 200 pounds of raw materials to manufacture a single cell phone.

You may hear of terms like the circular economy, which means that the raw materials are harvested from a used item and reintroduced as components or raw materials back into the manufacturing cycle. 

We assist these environmental issues through commercial actions, reducing the need for new materials.