COMPLETE responsibility for security, compliance, and environmental safety.


Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) is presented many ways by different organizations leading to confusion. Our view is simple. ITAD is an aggregation of numerous component services assembled into a solution to remove technology devices from your possession and responsibly transition them to the next stage in the value chain. This could be another user, another purpose, or another physical state.

ITAD solutions are comprised from the following six core component services.

Complete ITAD means COMPLETE Responsibility

We help you with everything.
Every time. For ease.

ITAD doesn't need to be complex for you. ITAD complexity arises when tasked with removing the technology in a responsible manner - with "responsible" meaning different things to different people.

DMD provides complete responsibility.

Complete responsibility spans the environment, data security, and compliance.
Complete responsibility spans all categories of IT assets across geographies.
Complete responsibility spans company policy, state laws, and government regulations.
Complete Responsibility means a complete solution. A solution that is safer, simpler, and just plain better.

DMD Guarantees Complete Responsibility. Good luck finding that with most ITAD companies. 

DMD works with you to put together an Enterprise Agreement which defines all the services, terms, and outcomes, to cover your entire IT environment across all locations. By establishing an overarching agreement, everyone in your organization can leverage the simplicity of disposition without the complexity of navigating the details of compliance, security risk, environmental impact. 

The results - your company is protected, you maintain control, and it's easy for anyone to use.




What makes us special?

The DMD Difference

Our difference is the modular way we assemble various ITAD service components resulting in Complete Responsibility providing you Complete Confidence. 

  • Range of disposition options including onsite erasure.
  • National footprint with international capability means consistency.
  • Revenue share structures to offset services.
  • Tailored solutions from process to timeline for your ease.
Quantified Visibility
  • Documented 3rd pass with wipe logs to validate erasure to your specifications.
  • Certified by NAID, R2, and ISO, to validate our processes and adherence.
  • Self-serve reporting portal giving you access to asset status and disposition certificates including Certificates of Destruction and Certificates of Recycling.
  • Chain of Custody reporting, including GPS option for instant physical viewing.


  • Enterprise Agreements contractually enumerating our processes, outcomes, and terms.
  • Reporting, custom and standard, to validate commitments.
  • B Corp status demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


Your solution starts with a discussion. Your needs for your results.