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Logistics. Handled.

DMD provides packaging and freight options that make sense for you and your specific needs.

Protection at Every Stage

Securing your assets and data is important every step of the way. Our services provide that protection, and that peace of mind. Logistics is how you get equipment from where it is to where it belongs. Learn all the terms or simply decide the outcomes and let us handle everything else.


The physical transportation of the assets from one site to the processing facility.

Available options include LTL (less than load), dedicated trucks, shared trucks, GPS tracking, and many others.



The preparation of your assets for transport - often called White Glove. This ranges from the simple wrapping and banding to providing packaging materials to performing any labor necessary for safety and security.

Packaging may be done in conjunction with the decommissioning or with transport.


The planning and communication with the different individuals and or teams working together to deliver a complete solution. We handle it all, or the parts best suited to bring the entire project together.

We will coordinate with external partners and vendors as determined, or even take on the entire planning responsibility.

Box Collection

DMD offers unique box programs to reduce the logistics burden.

Individual Asset Collection or ITAD in a Box. This service is comprised of individual boxes and labels shipped to residential addresses for personal return.

Bulk Collection or Bin Rental. We send large containers or gaylords to your office or facility to be filled at your convenience. 

Ideal Logistics - the DMD Way

Interested in the Most Secure Logistics Option?

Secure Transport & Chain of Custody are critical to ensuring asset accountability throughout the ITAD process. IT Assets designated for retirement are at greatest risk of loss or theft before they leave a customer site and arrive at a DMD secure processing facility. After receipt at our processing site, physical security measures such as CCTV, badge access and walk-through metal detectors protect IT assets. To receive the same level of security during the logistics stage of asset retirement we recommend:

  • Onsite Inventory and Audit. DMD does a physical serial number scan of every asset and either compares it to the designated list, or generates one for you to use in reporting prior to any asset leaving your facility.
  • Dedicated & Monitored Transport including Tamper Evident Pallet Wrapping & Cargo areas that remain padlocked at all times.  
  • Vetted logistics resources with employees that pass criminal and professional background screening.
  • Reconciliation reporting on arrival and real time asset tracking via a secure client web portal to ensure the assets that left are the assets received. 

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