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Custom ITAD Programs

We assemble the perfect solution for your needs. Want something bespoke? Let us tailor the program.

You and DMD working together

Creating the Perfect Solution

Data Center Migration

Assistance with transitioning from one Data Center to another. This may include new hardware, migration services, physical movement, and logistics. We support and augment your organization to achieve the necessary outcome.

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ITAD in a Box

We turn IT Asset Disposition into a service supporting all of your individual users or offices. Facilitate asset returns with custom boxes delivered to individual residences or facilities, with video instructions and a prepaid label. Every item tracked. Every item accounted for.

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Donation Programs Work with your employees, your charitable interests, and your corporate mission, to develop a partnership that aligns with your company, your employees, and your goals. We can help with donation drives, IT services, and infrastructure across the country.
Tailored Solutions - the DMD Way

Your Needs Solved. Completely

The purpose of our flexible and custom solutions is to help you resolve the problems or generate the results you need. We will ask questions, we will provoke, we will suggest. We do this not to play 20 questions, but to ensure you consider the various facets of proper disposal and risk mitigation across multiple categories.

Understanding the outcomes you want, which risks you want to eliminate, and the resources you have, we will work to generate one or more solutions.

We utilize our ITAD services, which we consider our core building blocks to design one or more solutions. We offer recommendations, based on other clients and experiences, that may bring additional value or solve incremental problems.

Then, working together, we review and discuss the proposed solution, weighing costs, benefits, and risk reduction to land at the right solution for you.

If it's not right. If it isn't complete, then we revise and perfect. Your outcomes should not be compromised.