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Hardware Continuity Solutions

Keep your current IT assets and environment in production. Great for improving your IT asset lifespan.
Third Party Maintenance Prolong the useful life of your Datacenter assets with TPM or 3PM. Similar to OEM warranty, this service meets or exceeds the Service Level Agreement (SLA), at a reduced cost, utilizing independent providers. Outcome based and includes all parts, labor, and diagnostics.

To upgrade current assets or replace failed components, only purchase the necessary items. We offer individual parts or a program. our program utilizes a catalogue of your devices to identify and stock parts, either onsite or at our facility.


For less critical infrastructure that can afford downtime, or for assets with replacements, this option brings failed infrastructure back into service. Often used for highly specialized electronics or environments that require a consistent set of systems.

Advanced Exchange A program where DMD stocks specific, fully functional units and components ready for deployment to replace a failed device. Upon notification, we send a replacement system, while the failed unit is returned to DMD for repair, and then restocked as a spare replacement unit.
More than ITAD

Maintain Continuity and Hardware Longevity. Productively. 

DMD offers these services for you to maintain a consistent and predictable operating environment. These solutions are comprised of our core ITAD services, but reoriented for different outcomes. Each of these offerings can be combined to form tailored solutions to provide you the best outcome for your business. 

We view these services as an adjacent extension to traditional ITAD, centered on repurpose and reuse.

Why do our customers use these programs?

  • Predictable supply and cost. Together we define the length of the program and plan accordingly so you have confidence in the duration and costs. We utilize our inventory, our expertise, and our systems to purchase, stock, and restock as appropriate.
  • Guaranteed longevity. Using the initial plan, we provide a path to maintain the equipment. 
  • Lower internal support burdens. By maintaining a planned and defined environment, there is no need to learn multiple hardware platforms, to have a large set of suppliers. Even better, outsource all aspects and provide us the instructions of how to deploy.

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Quality assurance and another step in compliance

Certificate of Conformity

A Certificate of Conformance (or Conformity), (CofC), is issued for parts that are procured from any source other than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). When parts are sourced from vendors other than the OEM, the chance of receiving counterfeit parts increases greatly. DMD Systems has a full counterfeit mitigation lab dedicated to validating the authenticity of all parts that are sourced for repairs of equipment. As a leader in End-of-Life hardware repair, DMD has a vast network of trusted suppliers of used IT components. Each of these components is validated by our quality assurance team before being used for repairing your legacy equipment. A Certificate of Conformance (CofC) is included with any devices repaired by DMD Systems.