Lizzie Ronning Sep 7, 2023 6:30:00 AM 4 min read

DMD Systems Recovery Leads ESG Panel at 2023 ITAD Summit

DMD Systems Recovery Inc. (DMD), a reuse-first IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services provider, proudly attended the 2023 ITAD Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event, organized by the Global ITAD Institute, united industry visionaries, experts, and stakeholders to explore prevailing trends and innovations in ITAD.

DMD's CEO Aaron Zeper moderated a thought-provoking panel titled "Confusion from Transparency: Separating ESG and Impact," featuring Bo Guilbeault, ITAD Program Manager, and Jackson Pei, Director at Closed Loop Partners, a circular economy-focused investment firm.

The panel discussion shed light on the complexities and parallels between Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Impact, offering diverse perspectives from a Corporate ITAD User, an Investment Firm, and an ITAD services provider.

The panel primarily delved into the distinctions between Impact and ESG reporting. Impact reporting, being qualitative and outward-facing, varies across companies, reflecting their unique values and serving as a platform to highlight those priorities. In contrast, ESG reporting is quantitative, inward-facing, and centers on disclosure and risk. As the industry evolves, we expect ESG reporting to adopt a more standardized approach, consistent across all companies.

The panel highlighted the essential role of sustainability in business operations and the rising customer expectations for transparency. Companies were encouraged to determine their areas of impact, keeping both their mission and customer needs in mind. As the subject continues to evolve, adaptability will be key for businesses.

The panel engaged in a lively discussion about the important role of IT asset reuse, alongside recycling, to reduce waste and mitigate adverse environmental and economic consequences. Advancing overall education, comprehension, and guiding customers on the environmental implications and associated risks are central to driving more sustainable solutions.

"This panel was a vital exploration into the dynamics of ESG and Impact within the ITAD landscape. At DMD, we strongly believe in and support the concepts of transparency and reuse,” said Aaron Zeper, DMD’s CEO. “The combination of how we perform and share these with our customers is different from most. We look forward to the day when all clients understand and support a reuse-first model. That will be a huge step in creating a more circular economy."

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