Katherine Vines Apr 15, 2021 4:19:43 PM 12 min read

6 Steps For Secure Data Center Decommissioning

Have a Data Center decommissioning project? At DMD, we understand the stress of planning and implementing a project of this scale, all while ensuring your data is secured! We want to mitigate the time your employees spend deconstructing your data center and  protect the integrity of your data. DMD developed a 6-step plan for data center decommissioning to ensure the greatest data security with maximum efficiency.  

1: Planning 

The first step to any project? Let’s discuss planning. We will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that outlines your goals, constraints, and potential risks moving forward. This step includes creating a timeline to match your schedule. We will work together to outline the individual roles and responsibilities of everyone who will enter your data center. This step is all about YOU and what we can do to customize our services. 

2: Deinstallation  

During the deinstallation phase, we physically disconnect and break down Data Center servers and racks. All items are logged during this stage to ensure all servers are accounted for as well as inspected for damage. During this stage, all you need to do is sit back and relax knowing all your assets are inexperienced and secure hands. 

3: Staging & Removal 

Removal of servers and other IT assets can be risky, but DMD ensures all assets are transported appropriately and safely. During transportation, all trucks are locked and GPS monitored to ensure a strict timeline is met. Servers are transported to DMD’s secured warehouse where all employees are screened and NAID certified.  

If the Data Center needs a cosmetic update or new servers, DMD will stage and set up all items during this phase. Tell us how you’d like the center organizedwe’ve got the heavy lifting covered! 

4: Data Erasure 

As a NAID AAA Certified company, this is our specialty! DMD adheres to the strictest data erasure and eradication standards in the industry. Once the servers are onsite, we will erase devices using certified software overwriting the data. Not only is this the most secure way to remove data, but it also is the most sustainable. All items are audited again and are kept in designated areas to prevent loss. Once the data is destroyed, we provide a certificate of destruction for each item that is linked to the product’s serial number.   

Don’t need the servers removed from the building? We offer data erasure services from the comfort of your facility! This is also known as off-site erasure. With off-site erasure, the devices never leave the building. Security remains our top priority regardless of where your devices are.  

5: Value Recovery 

Whether you plan to replace the servers with brand-new models, or if you are downsizing and don’t have the space to store old servers, DMD finds the value in these items. With a zero-landfill policy, DMD developed a value recovery program where value is regained through remarketing devices. DMD ensures that all devices are wiped of all data and repaired to industry standards before remarketing.   

6: Space Restoration  

Space restoration is the last step in data center decommissioning. Whether you are leaving a leased space or needing to restore the original space, DMD ensures it will look as if it was never occupied! We call this a “Sweepable Warehouse”. DMD offers an assortment of services such as top to bottom cleaning, removal of power, or remodeling and updating spaces. Have a specific end-goal in mind for your data center space? Let’s make it happen! 

 Bonus Step: Reporting Portal 

Need the status of your IT assets at a moment’s notice? The Reporting Portal is DMD’s answer to complete transparency of our services! Keep track of what status your devices are in at any given time. This portal is also where you will find your disposition certificates, arguably the best part because it ensures that all data was securely erased. The DMD way ensures that you know where your assets are at all times. Visibility from afar is a key component of the way we do business.   

 Our goal at DMD is to make your life easier. Let us handle the logistics, heavy lifting, and securing the data. Contact us today to start planning your Data Center decommission today.