Katherine Vines May 20, 2021 2:07:50 PM 5 min read

What is ITAD in a Box?

What do you do when the world shuts down due to Covid-19 and thousands of companies issue Work From Home (WFH) mandates? How do you manage the collection of old devices generated by either new equipment refreshes or even employee terminations?

Change, Adapt, and Innovate

ITAD in a Box caters to the needs of companies with remote employees or small offices. The concept is simple: instead of struggling to collect devices from remote employees across the country or world and then packaging assets and engaging a third party for ITAD services, we offer individual shipping programs for your devices directly to our site for data erasure, audit, and repurpose.

While we offer a custom ITAD in a Box program, the core services remain consistent. We send out a prepaid shipping box directly to the address of your employees. A QR code with video instructions on how to package the device, and software integration to show real-time shipment tracking for each individual asset is included, as are any custom instructions or requirements. The prepaid package is dropped off for direct shipment to a DMD facility, where all devices are received and handled by ITAD specialists. The IT asset and accessories are sorted, audited, and proceed to the data destruction stage. Once the data has been purged, the asset is then refurbished and readied for either inventory and redeployment, or dispositioned according to age, condition, and value. 

And while you may not be there to see the actual work, our online reporting portal allows you 24 by 7 access to view progress and current status. Additionally, you can download certificates of destruction or certificates of recycling by asset.  

Want the most secure and technologically advanced service? We have a remote wipe option that integrates into your solution. When we ship the return box, we include a thumb drive with our NIST 800-88r1 certified software that overwrites the device data. This mitigates many risks associated with the exposure of company data, as it does not present outside controlled environments. From here, the process remains the same. However, our team will confirm the success of data erasure and if there was a failure in execution, complete the data purge. 

Email Secure@DMDsystems.com or call 877-777-0651 to learn more about how ITAD in a Box can be customized to fit the needs of your company.