DMD Systems Recovery Inc. attended the ITAD Summit in Huntington Beach. As one of the first ITAD events since 2019, the room pulsed with excitement and anticipation. The ITAD Summit explores the rapidly changing trends and technologies within the world of IT Asset Disposition, including data erasure, recycling innovations, robotic automation, logistics, and global services. Dominating the dialogue was innovation necessitated by COVID-19 which combined traditional ITAD methods with evolutions and adaptations. Through collaborative forums, top ITAD innovators and industry leaders came together to discuss the growth of ITAD into the coming years. Over 500 industry professionals attended the 2021 session to listen to 35 ITAD specialists speak. Our Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Zeper, was a panel member on the topic of ITAD Reboot: Opportunities and Challenges.  

With experience leading sales, marketing, operations, and ITAD services, Aaron Zeper leads the DMD team through the rapidly changing ITAD world. How do you adapt to a stable system that now feels like a rug ripped out from under you? You start by rebuilding the foundation and weighing the new opportunities and challenges that are now before you. The ability to reflect, discuss, and innovate with the leaders in the ITAD field is rare and one that the DMD team was excited to be a part of.

After attending, Aaron Zeper, CEO, said, “The ITAD Summit was fantastic. It was wonderful to see so many people embracing the ability to conduct business face-to-face. The engagement was apparent as I have never been on a panel where so much of the discussion and questions originated with the audience. DMD and I found real value in the learnings and relationships formed”.  

Jon DeMent, Vice President, is instrumental in helping DMD improve our service flexibility and offering to ensure relevance. Flexibility is paramount with an uncertain and changing world, leading to new offerings and approaches to handle the influx and immaturity in asset disposition for Work From Home employees. With a focus on improving our customer experience, Jon discovered additional partners and relationships that will further extend DMD’s unique and future-forward solutions for our customers.

“What I appreciated most about the ITAD Summit. was the opportunity to interact with our partners in person again, share best practices and walked away with tangible improvements that better serve our clients to handle the ITAD of the future, while ensuring optimal responsibility for our clients,” said Jon DeMent, Vice President.

With a focus on improving our materials handling, Thang Nguyen, Disposition Manager, finds additional ways for DMD to maximize the value of each dispositioned asset, while further optimizing environmental mitigation. Asset remarketing is one of the most important department as it upholds our key promise to maintain a zero-landfill policy. This policy not only benefits the earth, but also benefits our customers. It gives our customers the opportunity to regain value from an asset that would otherwise be discarded. Thang brought his knowledge of data destruction and remarketing to the ITAD Summit, discussing this topic with future and current partners and customers. He also had the chance to talk to industry professionals, discussing how to further develop the remarketing side of ITAD.

When asked on his experience at the ITAD Summit, Thang Nguyen, Disposition Manager said, “The ITAD Summit provided insight on a few new ways for us to improve our processes, leading to greater customer value and reducing the environmental impact”. 

DMD looks forward to helping our customers execute maximum responsibility for Data Security, our Environment, and our customers’ compliance and governance standards. Events like the ITAD Summit improve our ability to do this. We look future ITAD Summits in the years to come.