Katherine Vines Nov 15, 2021 2:33:26 PM 4 min read

DMD Attends BrokerBin Roadshow and Electronic Reuse, eScrap Conference

DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. attended the BrokerBin Roadshow in Las Vegas and the Electronic Reuse, eScrap Conference in Chicago. BrokerBin and eScraps are among the first in-person events to discuss electronic recycling since the world shut down in March of 2020. The industry is roaring with excitement as leaders in the responsible reuse of electronics industry were able to attend two events focused on innovation and growth.

The BrokerBin Roadshow was held October 11-13 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. This conference connected ITADs, resellers, dealers, service centers, brokers, and retailers with one another, allowing these companies to foster additional channels of maximum reuse of all types of electronic assets and components. It is encouraging and uplifting to see hundreds of attendees demonstrate a commitment to protecting our environment by making the sustainable choice to reuse devices, components, and parts wherever possible. Conferences like BrokerBin Roadshow allow for a unique networking experience, where the connections made literally give a second life to hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of retired IT assets.

Renee Kuehl, Director of Sales & Marketing for the Broker Exchange Network, commented on the 2021 BrokerBin Roadshow, "It is so exciting that we continue to see success for our clients attending BrokerBin Roadshows… Attendees create new connections, solidify current client relationships and find new resellers! The in-person networking gives members the chance for industry discussion and idea exchange, which helps propel our collective ability to find new life opportunities within IT equipment".

The Electronics Reuse and eScrap Conference were combined this year, taking place in downtown Chicago this week. is in session now, from November 8-10. The sold-out conference delivered critical market insight on the future of device repairs, data destruction, material markets, navigating logistics, and more topics regarding the future of ITAD This conference places a unique focus on the dedication to ethical practices and the overall message of, "do the right thing". Now is the time to make the sustainable choice. Now is the time to promote environmentally friendly business practices. This conference loudly reinforces this message with all sessions involving ethics, sustainable practices, and rethinking current practices.

Aaron Zeper, CEO of DMD Systems Recovery Inc, attended both BrokerBin Roadshow and the Electronic Reuse and eScrap Conference. When reflecting on his experiences, he stated, "Our world is better because of these conferences. Attending companies and individuals continue to promote reuse and deliver solutions that provide protection to our environment. As the stigma of used IT Assets continues to decline, we are entering an age in which conscious consumption grows. Conscious consumption is consideration of our planet, consideration of the tools we need, and aligning what we need with what we use or consume. I am invigorated by the number of companies propelling this movement forward and proud that DMD is a part of it."

DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. looks forward to attending future conferences dedicated to giving second or third lives to devices that would otherwise be disposed of. Our team feels a sense of empowerment that our environmental goals are shared not just by fellow industry members, but also by consumers. Our goal at DMD has been, and always will be to provide complete responsibility for all ITAD services we provide. We see conferences like the BrokerBin Roadshow and the eScrap Conference as a foreshadowed message alluding to a greener future in the tech world, and DMD plans to be at the forefront of this wave.