Katherine Vines Mar 28, 2022 10:20:09 AM 4 min read

Data Center World 2022

DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. announces our attendance at the 2022 Data Center World conference in Austin, TX on March 28th through March 30th. The 2022 Data Center World conference is a highly anticipated event for data center professionals with insights and strategies on the technologies and concepts needed to plan, manage, and optimize your data center. This year's conference revolves around five core tracks:

1.    Emerging Data Center Technology
2.    Design, Build, Operate, and Control
3.    Data Center Essentials
4.    Colocation, Hosting, and Cloud Innovation
5.    Sustainability & Mission Critical Facilities Management

In a public message, Data Center World stated, "It's important to keep up with the day-to-day management of the data center, but it's also critical to stay informed about what lies over the horizon that might seriously impact your data center's performance. To stay ahead, data center professionals must be prepared to manage people, processes, and technologies in new and innovative ways."

DMD is attending Data Center World to let companies know there is an ITAD company with solutions that certifiably mitigate both data security and environmental concerns. DMD is the only Data Center Decommission and ITAD company certified as both NAID AAA (data destruction security) and as a B-Corp (verified performance of accountability and sustainability). In a world with increased security and climate threats, companies who care about their data and our environment need a solution that accommodates both. Sustainability and security are paramount in any Data Center decommissioning activity, an activity that occurs in every Data Center. IT asset disposition, ITAD, is the final step in most IT refresh and retirement activities.

Jon DeMent, Vice President at DMD, stated, "Working to improve the decommissioning process to exceed both security and sustainability concerns is what separates DMD in the ITAD and Data Center Decommission industry. Too many companies settle. You don't have to settle; it is possible and must be expected that you can have both security and environmentally conscious solutions. Data Center World is a great opportunity for our team to educate and provide insights on the future of Data Center Decommission with top Data Center providers."

We cannot wait to make an impact on our current and prospective customers. Doing it right matters for our data and our world.

About DMD Systems Recovery:

DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. (DMD) provides IT Asset Disposition solutions adhering to the most rigorous environmental and security standards to deliver confidence for companies who value our world and their reputation. DMD works with hundreds of companies and public entities to securely destroy their data, decommission assets, and redeploy or remarket the equipment across IT categories including Data Center, End User Compute, and Mobility. For more information, please visit: https://www.dmdsystems.com.