Recycling Electronics in the Most Secure and Environmentally Friendly Way!


DMD is an R2 certified electronics recycling provider that focuses on disposing your obsolete equipment in the safest way possible. This includes ensuring that data is destroyed and the equipment is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


DMD is a visionary IT asset disposal company with a keen focus on data security and sustainability.  Whether you’re looking for on-site data destruction, environmentally safe e-waste recycling, money back for your retired assets, or a full service repair and redeployment service, DMD has you covered. We strive to form meaningful long-term relationships based on mutual understanding and integrity. With a seamless chain of custody and an unparalleled reporting system we are able to eliminate any liability associated with the IT disposition process.


In a world where technology is becoming an ever increasing part of our lives, the disposal of technological equipment can lead to several different issues. Discarding technology assets, such as computer hardware, must be completed with the protection of data as one of the primary goals. As technology evolves, recycling electronics must also be accomplished through environmentally friendly practices in order to save energy and avoid contributing to heavy pollution. At DMD Systems, we are proud to state that we comply with the strictest data destruction and environmentally compliant guidelines in our industry.


Situated in Phoenix, Arizona, DMD has been providing electronics recycling and data destruction services for the past 25 years. We appreciate your interest in our company and invite you to contact us for more information. Feel free to browse through our site to get a better sense of the best practices we employ for recycling electronics, such as computers, monitors, data center equipment, printers, hard drives, and more!